Roof Repairs Rathdrum Co. Wicklow


Roofing Contractors and repairs Rathdrum by Roof Repairs Wicklow are one of the leading roofing repair contractors in the Rathdrum area. We can repair a wide range of roof types including perspex roofing, galvanised roofs, garage roofs or shed roofs. We can also replace a few tiles, spot patching or replace timber joists.

Our highly skilled Rathdrum roofing repair team can carry out a full range of tiling, joist, valley, ridge tile, broken tiles and lead flashing repairs. whether its replacing a single damaged slate or replacing the entire roof, we will deliver the highest quality results in Rathdrum.

We can source any style of roof you require. From clay pan tile and replica slates to the simple concrete style.

Our Promise to You
Roofing repairs in Rathdrum is a craft that Roof Repairs Wicklow have perfected over their 30 years working in Co. Wicklow. If you have inquiries regarding our roofing repair Guttering and Soffit repair and replacement services or chimney and valley work in Rathdrum please do not hesitate to contact us.

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