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CHIMNEY & VALLEY for Wicklow

If you are looking to repair any type of roof valley or chimney, Roof Repairs Wicklow can offer a range of services to suit your needs. Whether you need a complete replacement, limited replacement or a refurbishment of your original valley or chimney, we have you covered.

The roof valley is the section at which the roof changes course or where a dormer or a bay window is installed into the roof. The valley directs rainwater to run to a certain point. If there are leaks in the valley it can be detrimental to the internal structure of the roof. The most common to waterproof the valley is to use metals such as Lead, Copper, Aluminium and Zinc .We provide renovation, refurbishment and sealing for your valley using the highest quality workmanship.

The chimney is a vital part of your roof structure and should be checked for imperfections yearly. If your chimney has become damaged or unstable due to the deterioration of brick work or a damaged flue, it can become a potential safety hazard. At Roof Repairs Wicklow we can asses your chimney and give you a feedback on the damage and work out the best solutions to the issues. We don’t charge any call out fee and we have the right equipment and tools to check it out safely and accurately.