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Soffits & Fascias Services

Most roofs are fitted with fascia boards, which are the timbers fixed onto the edges of rafters, hiding them from view. Roofs and roof timbers overhang the walls of a house. Soffits are fitted to bridge the gap between the wall and the edge of the roofline. The area covered by soffits is not exposed to the weather and so wood is often used to make soffits. However, wood will take in some of the moisture in the air, and over time will warp and distort. Replacing timber fascias and soffits with Upvc is a common job for Kildare Roof Repairs. We will replace or repair damaged or dated fascia and soffit at very competitive rates. Cladding systems provide decorative and protective facing for buildings. They are available in a range of colours and a range of materials including uPVC and Aluminium. It is also resistant to weathering, aggressive environments and insect, the cladding boards have excellent thermal properties which can also save you money by holding the heat better in your home. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.